Model 99

    Telephone Line Coupler

    This compact unit is designed for broadcast engineers to hold the telephone line.  The unit features two RJ-11 modular jacks, on/off toggle switch, and a red LED indicator light.  Requires

    no battery.  Has “mini rubber feet” to allow for vertical stacking of multiple units, making it great for distribution.

    Easy to use: Plug telephone line directly into one of the RJ-11 modular jacks of unit.  Then plug the telephone into the other RJ-11 modular jack.  Make call and when answered, turn toggle switch on the “On” position.  Hang up phone and line is held.  To avoid possible interference, operator may choose to disconnect telephone.


    ·        Dual Input: two RJ-11 modular jacks

    ·        Output: 3-pin male XLR

    ·        On/Off toggle switch

    ·        LED indicator light

    ·        Non-skid “mini rubber feet”

    ·        Diecast aluminum body with glacier gray texture finish

    ·        Dimensions: 4.4” L X 2.4” W X 1.2” H